Our Stores

With over 20 years in the golf retail industry, MST Golf definitely understands the needs of our customers better than most. With over 30 stores spread across most states in Malaysia, Singapore and even a presence in Vietnam, we can comfortably acknowledge that we are currently South-East Asia’s largest and preferred golf retailer.  

Through our pursuit of redefining the golf shopping experience, we expanded our offerings via a variety of retail channels from our Super Stores in key locations, departmental store Golf Counters, Golf Club Pro Shops, to now launching our E-commerce shop. We constantly look at new ways to serve our loyal and growing customer base wherever they may be.

As a key retail partner for the top international golfing brands, we ensure that customers are able to fulfill all their golfing needs. Our extensive selection of products are showcased in well thought out and defined store layouts making it easy for customers to browse. On top of that, our golf consultants, product specialists and sales associates are always ready to serve our customers to fulfill their golfing needs.

Find your nearest MST Golf store now to find out how we redefine the golf shopping experience and fulfill all your golfing needs!