Wedge Fitting Assessment

When last have you fitted wedges into your bag? We see so many players simply grabbing 52, 56 & 60 degree wedges from their preferred brand and walk to the till points. It is usually these players whom come back to see us experiencing a big gapping problem in their games. Iron technology has progressed rapidly in the last few years and a traditional loft setup in your wedges will most likely not be correct to fill gaps with modern distance irons.

The “Standard” setup of 52, 56 & 60 came about when PW’s in a set of irons where at 48 degrees, creating a nice 4 degree gap between your wedges and filling gaps nicely. With most modern forged irons having PW’s at 46 degrees a new “standard” started emerging of 50, 54 and 58 again leaving 4 degree increments for optimal gapping. Yet this will not be the case in some distance irons with PW lofts getting as strong as 38 degrees in some brands.

During a wedge fitting our fitters will analyze your actual gaps, not only basing it on lofts, but looking at the actual distances you are hitting the ball with each club. They will fine tune this and create optimal gapping in your short game, ensuring your short irons are what they were meant to be, scoring clubs! Who knows perhaps you require 4 wedges to get optimal gapping instead of the common 3 Wedge setup, perhaps a 58 or 60 degree doesn’t suit your game?

At The MST Golf Tech Shop our fitters will remove all doubts from your mind, showing you the results on our indoor simulators and dialing in your distances with precision. Take the guess work of wondering how far you hit your wedges out of your game, and come see us today so we can help you save shots.