Putter Fitting Assessment

The most used club in the bag, yet the club the least amount of people have fitted. Staggering thought isn’t it? We will spend hours fine tuning a driver which we will use a maximum of 14 times in a round, where the putter will (hopefully) be used on 18 holes equating for 30 – 40 of our shots in a round! Our fitters are basically putting “guru’s”, they have the equipment and the knowledge to take your existing putter and improve it, or better yet to setup a brand new putter for your game. The art of being a good putter starts with the correct head selection, based on your stroke type. We wholeheartedly agree it needs to suit your eye, but it most definitely needs to suit your stroke.

We have some of the most advanced putter fitting systems in the world available to us in an effort to take your putting to a new level. We can capture images and video of your ball post impact like you have never seen before (720 fps High Speed Video*), for example the term “skidding” which we have all heard at some point, isn’t strictly true the ball has launched into the air and is actually flying for the duration we visually believe it to be “skidding”. Our system captures 45 data points analyzing how you are moving the putter pre and post impact, as well as the launch angle, spin rates (Forward & Side Spin) on the ball to name a few.

In a nutshell, we want you to start the forward roll as soon as possible while eliminating as much side spin from the process as we can. We will be able to fine tune what we discover on the spot with our putter loft & lie machines, before putting you back on the system allowing you to instantly see the improvements tweaks to your putter will make in the real world.

There are so many theories, unique techniques, and ways to hold the putter it is easy to simply pick the one you like and go to the till point. We however implore you, the next time you are looking at a putter come and see us at The MST Golf Tech Shop for a putter fitting, let our fitters de-mystify the art of putting for you, we  are convinced we will improve your putting and overall enjoyment of the game.

* Based on facilities using Quintic Ball Roll systems.