Loft & Lie Assessment

Do you know the gapping throughout your entire set of irons? Are you still working on the 10-12 yard per club theory? What if we told you, despite your set being manufactured to an exact specification it may not suit your game 100%? As a result you may not be achieving optimal gapping between clubs leading to lost shots in your round?

This scenario would generally happen (but is not limited) to lower club head speeds players, whom generally struggle to achieve enough spin-rate on their longer irons to maintain the correct flight. Why does this matter you may be asking, well hitting 4, 5, and 6 irons the same distance is definitely not something we would recommended. Even replacing your longer irons with hybrids can result in a substantial gap between your longest iron and the first hybrid, leaving you to either hit a soft hybrid, or a hard iron when attacking the green from at a certain distance.

The correct lie angles on your irons are just as important, they will directly influence directional launch angles as well as your side spin values! A lie angle that is off by 1 degree will equate to a 10 Yard difference in dispersion on 6 iron or lower! Your constant “pull” or “push” shot could be something as simple as your lie angle. Not only will the correct lie angles help you achieve tighter dispersion it will help improve your turf interaction through impact, leading to crisper strikes more frequently.

At The MST Golf Tech Shop our fitters will do a Loft and Lie assessment as part of their fitting process but they will gladly assist you on your existing set of clubs if you book a Loft & Lie Assessment with them. Come see us today and make sure your equipment is up to scratch, ensuring perfectly gapped distances between your irons.