Iron Fitting Assessment

Iron technology has evolved dramatically in recent years, we have seen the rise of stronger lofts and lighter shafts, now almost seemly standard in clubs.

And no contrary to popular believe this is not “cheating” by the brands, with the advancements in placing CG locations lower and deeper  in the heads, the stronger lofts are required to maintain forward momentum instead of just upward momentum.

We have witnessed manufacturing process allowing faces so thin it’s hard to believe they remain intact during impact.

All of these factors have led to modern irons hitting the ball incredible distances with ever increasing accuracy.

Most brands offer multiple sets to the consumer ranging from traditional blade/semi-blade irons to absolute distance machines.

We are also seeing a new breed of irons surfacing with the visual appeal of blades while retaining the distance and forgiveness properties of oversized irons. (TaylorMade P790 & PXG 0311 P and XF).

Another new trend is the ability to blend the heads from different models in a single brand into a uniquely tailored set, suiting every aspect of your game. Finding the correct setup and gapping for your game is vital for optimal performance on the course.

We can fit you agnostically across all brands, with the widest variety of custom components available, or if you prefer we can stick within the confines of your chosen brand and find you the best build combination for it. We understand no two golfers are the same, an individual’s physical attributes and skill level will heavily influence what we see and how we fit during that particular session.  

  1. In general a new player would need something with wider soles aiding in easier launch and better turf interactions, hotter faces for added distance, deeper CG locations for added forgiveness and stability, more offset aiding in squaring the club-face for straighter shots. Generally speaking these new players would also greatly benefit from lighter steel or even graphite shafts, aiding them to gain speeds through the swing.
  2. On the opposite side of things the better player whom is more established in the game will generally require thinner soles for more work-ability, forged club heads for precision distance control, slightly heavier shafts to control spin-rate and launch angles, progressive CG locations for optimal flights, lesser offset as they have learnt the skills needed to do it throughout the swing.

The thing is the above is in general and as we know not everyone fits in a single mold! At The MST Golf Tech Shop our fitters will fine tuning and set up your new clubs to perfectly suit your game. Come see us and experience first-hand our attention to every detail in the pursuit of finding you more consistent iron play.