Full Fitting Assessment

We offer an array of different fittings, broken into sub-categories in an effort to make the process as fun filled and as little fatiguing as possible. If however you wish to do your entire bag at one time, we do offer you a Full Fitting option covering all the summarized topics below.

  • Iron Fitting Assessment - We can fit you agnostically across all brands, with the widest variety of custom components available, or if you prefer we can stick within the confines of your chosen brand and find you the best build combination for it. Read More

  • Wedge Fitting Assessment - During a wedge fitting our fitters will analyze your actual gaps, not only basing it on lofts, but looking at the actual distances you are hitting the ball with each club. They will fine tune this and create optimal gapping in your short game, ensuring your short irons are what they were meant to be, scoring clubs! Read More

  • Putter Fitting Assessment - We have some of the most advanced putter fitting systems in the world available to us in an effort to improve your game. We can capture images and video of your ball post impact like you have never seen before. Read More

  • Loft & Lie Assessment - Do you know the gapping throughout your entire set of irons? Are you still working on the 10-12 yard per club theory? What if we told you, despite your set being manufactured to an exact specification it may not suit your game 100%? Read More

We would highly recommend dressing comfortably and allowing enough time if you choose the Full Fitting option, the session can take up to 3 hrs. Hitting golf balls that long is more strenuous than you may realize. Our fitters at The MST Golf Tech Shop will make every effort to ensure your time is used strategically, so you can get the full value and enjoyment from the fitting process.