Driver Fitting Assessment

Many will argue that the most technological advancements in has been in drivers over the last few years. It is easy to understand why, if you think about it the first driver featuring Movable Weight Technology (MWT), allowing a small alteration in flight bias was the TaylorMade R7 which was released in 2007.

Things have progressed rapidly since, loft adjust-ability on a driver has almost become standard, and multiple adjustable CG location positions are being offered by more companies with every new release.

We must also note: most of the top brands are now offering more than one shaft option to choose from with some offering up to five. All of this fine-tuning ability before we have even considered exotic/after-market components!

For a driver to perform at its best it needs to be launched in what we call an “optimal launch window”, this consists of the correct launch angle paired with the correct back spin ratio, with both factors fully dependent on your actual ball speeds.

We can fit you agnostically across all brands, with the widest variety of custom components available, or if you prefer we can stick within the confines of your chosen brand and find you the best build combination for it. We understand no two golfers are the same, an individual’s physical attributes and skill level will heavily influence what we see and how we fit during that particular session.  

  1. A stronger player, whom hits the ball hard with a high club head speed, will tend to over spin the ball as a result of his raw explosive power. It becomes our job to fight the high spin-rate and launch angles to give him the maximum control and stability possible.
  2. On the other side of the scale, an individual who tends to have a slower club head speed will actually tend to under spin the ball. In this instance it becomes our job to get the launch and spin-rate higher so we can keep the ball in the air longer and achieve maximum distance potential. 

At The MST Golf Tech Shop our fitters leave nothing to chance in any fitting and a driver fitting is no exception. Come see us and experience first-hand our attention to every detail in the pursuit of finding you more distance from the tee.