Master Fitting

Golf club design has become an extremely precise and technical process in recent years, we as the end consumer have a wide selection of options when the time for an upgrade comes along. Yet in this era selecting a club(s) has become much less about personal preference and much more about what performs best in our hands.

The problem with these advancements in manufacturing technologies and the introduction of adjust-ability in clubs like Drivers, it has become increasingly difficult to find the correct setup and component combination for the average golfer in the marketplace.

It has been proven fitting will exponentially improve a player’s game, with Golfsmith releasing a statistic stating: “93% of all golfers whom have been fitted play better golf”. We could not agree with this figure more, we experience this improvement every single day at The MST Golf Techshop facilities. Our Fitters have a passion to help our customers find their “perfect match” and they get great satisfaction from the excitement the customer demonstrates when they themselves see the end results.

With the rise of equipment technology has come a surge of new and ground breaking fitting technologies to compliment it, we can fit you indoors today more accurately than we could do so outdoors less than 7 years ago! High-Speed camera systems provide data in real time giving us a complete look and understanding of your game, from your ball data right through to what lie angle is best suited to you.

With our indoor simulators being accurate to within 1 yard of the shots you will experience on the golf course, we can state with the utmost confidence, we will help you improve your game once you have been fitted by us.

We break our fittings down into categories to make the process more precise and enjoyable for you: