Shaft Alignment & Spining

The process of Shaft alignment & Spining them is shrouded in mystery and requires a meticulous attention to detail for optimal setup and performance. There are many Neigh Sayers whom thinks this process is irrelevant, they believe it makes no difference since “all shafts are built the same”. We can’t tell you what to believe but we can give you some facts.

Steel shafts are created from a flat piece of steel which gets wrapped around a mandrel and plasma welded to form the cylindrical tube fitted into our club heads. Despite how good or minimal the plasma weld is, there will be a seam left inside the shaft and despite what you get told, this seam is slightly heavier and stiffer than the rest of the shaft.

Graphite shafts are made in different ways, either having sheets of graphite wrapped around a mandrel, or a weave being wrapped around it before using resign to bond it. Like with steel the wrapping process inevitably ends up with a seam inside the structure making it slightly heavier and stiffer on one side.

Though our extensive testing and research we believe the spine alignment process will definitely allow the club head to be delivered more consistently at impact throughout the entire set. A more precise and consistent head position during impact will inevitably lead to a dramatic increase in overall accuracy, even on the poorly struck shots. 

We have experienced first hand the vast improvements in the players we fit, their striking ability after spining their clubs increases considerably. We have also analyzed the data from our fittings and seen the numbers and the results, why not come see us and experience the difference this process can make to your game for yourself?

At The MST Golf Tech Shop we utilize our specialized equipment to identify the seams formed during manufacturing and align them perfectly inside your club head, at either the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock positions. *The position is determined during the fitting process to help achieve optimal performance.