Loft & Lie Adjustments

The art of setting up lofts and lies is over a century old, yet the basic principle has remained unchanged. We want you to know your number and hit that distance consistently with a gapping variance of 10-12 yards between your clubs.

Sounds pretty simple to achieve doesn’t it? In truth this process has become ever more complex with club heads evolving rapidly, allowing the player to hit the ball further and further seemingly with every new generation of irons released. Thinner faces, stronger lofts, longer and lighter shafts all play a part in the “new mystery” of a gapping process.

Loft & Lie adjustments is a simple game changing alteration to pre-existing or new irons which is overlooked by most players, but definitely not by our experienced fitters. They actively seek any advantage they can give you, even from something as distinctly simple as a correct loft and lie setup for better course management and distance control.

At The MST Golf Tech Shop we will assess and alter the lie angle during your fitting allowing you to hit the club again and see tangible results during the process. Our fitters are well versed in this process and will dial in your clubs ensuring you have peace of mind when you have completed your fitting.