Club Spec'ing

Buying a new set of clubs or woods is an exciting process and should be a fun filled experience. You deserve to have all your questions  answered and your club data meticulously analyzed so the correct setup and components can be achieved and selected respectively.

You should leave feeling extremely excited about not only the selection and fitting process, but also to receive your new equipment so you can go and “light up the course”. Spec’ing a set of clubs can be daunting challenge for newcomers but our fitters excel at making the process a simple, educational and fun one.

They will cover some or all of the following with you during your fitting process to ensure you get the best possible results from your brand new clubs.

At The MST Golf Tech Shop we will not only help you through the fitting process we will also build your clubs in house to your exact specifications. This ensures the quality and consistency of not only our advice, but the equipment that finally end up in your bag.

No two golfers are exactly the same so why would you play something straight off the rack?