Irons & Wedges

Iron technology in the last few years have come a long way with most club heads rewriting what we knew as standard lofts a few years ago. Improvements in manufacturing processes allows the brands to fine tune their CG locations more precisely than ever before, and affords them the ability to make faces thinner & hotter than ever. It has become increasing crucial to have your irons fitted correctly for maximum enjoyment and consistency.

Fitting your wedges into your existing or new set is just as vital as finding the correct set of irons, yet we see so many players opting for the traditional setup of 52, 56 & 60 degree wedges. Understandable as this was considered the norm in wedges for many years,  in most modern iron setups however this will leave a massive gap lower down in the set. The result will be an inability to get the ball close and score when you should do so most.

At The MST Golf Tech Shop we will help you eliminate the gapping and potential distance concerns by utilizing our state of the art indoor simulators and data analysis procedures. We will fine tune and dial in your irons and wedge gapping allowing you to swing with confidence the next time you hit the course.