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About MST Golf Tech Shop

The MST Golf Tech Shop is our dedicated facility for game improvement.The technical center is aimed at improving all golfers’ games regardless of age or ability. The state of the art centre specializes in club analysis, general repairs and custom fitting. Our comprehensive custom fitting analysis service can be utilized on current equipment and includes needs assessment for: Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids/Utilities, Irons, Wedges, Putters and even your choice of Golf Ball.

Appointed as the “Official Club Fitting & Repair Service Provider” for most major Asian PGA, European Tour and LPGA events played in Malaysia, it has become the benchmark for fitting excellence. With its origin at TPC KL, our Tech Shop has become the leading Golf Technical and Demo center in Malaysia, with additional shops now open in various locations.

Equipped with state-of-the-art computerized launch monitor systems including Trackman, Foresight’s GC Quad and Quintic’s Ball Roll systems, the Tech Shop leaves nothing to chance instead relying on the most accurate data available during your fitting. Utilizing up to date fitting carts and systems provided by our major brands, allows our fitters to seamlessly change heads and/or shafts in their pursuit of the ultimate set make-up for your game.



All this technology allows them to accurately assess any individual’s requirements including: Club Length, Lie angles, Shaft Requirements (flex and other characteristics) and even Grip Sizing, ensuring you can get the most out of your equipment. Adding value to the experience our fitters have access to our own workshops which use state of the art equipment from Golf Mechanix. These workshops can build to the exact specification(s) supplied after your fitting and even repair existing clubs! With all of this technology and fitting experience located in one facility why not come see us and give your equipment a little “Tune-Up”?

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All services would be part of an assessment, with the use of a Trackman or* Foresight GC2/GC Quad launch monitor for swing analysis, while a Quintic Ball Roll or* GC Quad would be utilized for a putter fitting assessment. Fittings vary widely from correcting your current equipment's setup, helping you to optimize their performance throughout your bag, to fitting you into a brand new set of club(s) perfectly suited to your game!

We offer different levels of fittings catered towards your individualistic needs, ensuring the time you spend with us is used fully to optimize your game in the pre-determined fitting category of your choice.

*Based on fitting Location

Our Fitting Services:

Master Fittings

Brand Fittings

Putter Fittings

Shaft Fittings

  • Woods Irons & Wedges
  • Flex Matching Assessment

Grip Fitting

  • Size & Weight Assessment

Club Making