New ONOFF AKA Line Launched - 2020

by PJ Roux

New Full Core Design brings AKA to an all new level of distance and forgiveness. Easy Distance, automatic performance.

ONOFF has just released their newest generation of their most forgiving line of golf clubs, the AKA family. With an all new stylish design, new use of technology and multi materials while being matched with their own shafts, the new AKA promises to provide more distance and even more forgiveness.

The AKA family now offers two different driver options:

More distance and forgiveness thanks to a improved Power Trench and face material used. In addition to the trench along the face, ONOFF added three additional trenches from front to back of the sole to help increase sole rigidity which in turn increases the spring effect of the face for higher ball speeds across the face.

The face and body also uses an all new lightweight HST140C Titanium material which pushes spring effect to the legal limits.
ONOFF utilized a lightweight carbon crown which enabled them to redistribute the weight deeper and lower in the head to create a deeper centre of gravity. This enabled them to help drives have higher launch.

The AKA head is specifically paired with ONOFF’s Smooth Kick MP-520D shaft which was designed in-house featuring Daiwa Carbon Technology. The shaft maximises feel, swing speed and eliminates worries about timing. The shaft also has a more stable tip section which helps to square the head for optimal impact.

ONOFF Driver AKA RD5900:
The second driver ONOFF has come out with in this generation is the AKA RD5900 which is the driver head with high MOI Design.

The head is specifically designed to minimize distance loss on off centred hits.
They achieved this through the use of lightweight carbon fibre in the toe and heel areas of the head while a heavy stainless plate is positioned towards the back of the sole.

This design creates an ultra-deep centre of gravity and pushes the moment of inertia to the legal limits.

The AKA RD5900 driver head also uses their Power Trench technology which has been improved on since the previous generation. The driver is paired with ONOFF’s own shaft which was designed and produced in-house.

The high Repulsion Kick RD-5900 is specifically made to match the AKA RD5900 driver head with a more rigid tip which prevents the head from twisting.

ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA Woods & Fairway Wings AKA Utility
Building on ONOFF’s famous reputation for having forgiving and easy to hit fairway woods and utility clubs, they have further improved it with new technology in this generation.

As with the new driver, both fairway wood and utility clubs also implement the improved Power Trench design with two additional trenches going from front to back of the sole in order to increase sole rigidity which results in higher ball speeds across the face.

ONOFF has also introduced their Twin Cut Sole on both fairway wood and utility which helps to minimize friction with the ground. The Twin Cut Sole is an indented concave shape in the centre of the sole allows the club head minimize speed loss when coming in contact with the ground which maximizes clubhead speed.

The AKA fairway woods and utilities are paired with ONOFF’s Smooth Kick MP-520F and MP-520U shafts which were designed and produced for the heads.

Continuing their focus on forgiveness and distance in the new AKA line-up, ONOFF utilised a new Direct Repulsion Face which features two thickness levels matched with an L-Cup face to help increase the spring effect off the face.

Full Core Grooves are also located behind the toe and heel are of the face to help side the sweet spot.

A heavy Tungsten Sole is also incorporated into the irons in order to achieve a deeper and lower centre of gravity to help the ball launch higher.

The new ONOFF AKA irons are paired with their own Smooth Kick MP-520I shafts as their graphite shaft option and the NS Pro Zelos 8 as the steel shaft option.

AKA Driver: RM3,800
AKA RD5900 Driver: RM3,550
AKA Fairway Arms FW: RM1,990
AKA Fairway Wings UT: RM1,600
AKA Graphite Irons: RM7,350
AKA Steel irons: RM5,200

Honma Introduces New Tour Release Product Line - TR20

by PJ Roux

Honma’s newest TR20 golf clubs deliver beautifully crafted speed for accomplished players.

HONMA Golf, the premium Japanese brand chosen by leading Tour star Justin Rose, introduces an all-new Tour Release (TR) product line for competitive golfers looking for premium performance matched with uncompromising craftsmanship.

Engineered to deliver exceptional speed and Tour-level performance, clubs in the TR20 line – already in the bag of the Olympic Champion and former US Open winner – includes a holistically designed driver and two sets of irons. Fairway woods, hybrids and further iron models are due out later this year.

The Tour Release Series sits alongside the game-improvement XP Crossover Series in the HONMA Premium Performance category, while the recently introduced new BERES range commands the Super Premium sector in the 2020 range.

TR20 Drivers
The TR20 Driver comes in a beautifully shaped profile in 460cc in a near-total carbon body and lightweight titanium frame to deliver explosive distance and accuracy.

A Ti-Carbon Fast Frame comprises lightweight, ribbed ET40 Carbon Crown that saves 14 grams of weight, while a Carbon sole saves 20g.

The two premium components combine to reduce unwanted vibration for a more efficient deflection off the club face.

The sole features three strategically positioned weights, with a possible of five weight options (3,3, 9g) and weight kit (3, 6, 9, 12 and 15g) is available, to ensure ball speed, launch, spin and swing weight can be optimised for greater distance and accuracy.

Innovative vertical grooves feature behind the precision cast thin titanium face, saving an additional 2 grams of weight, providing increased face repulsion for explosive ball speeds.

The hosel incorporates the Non-Rotating System to allow eight possible loft and lie adjustments to be made, ensuring the spine of the shaft remains in the 6’oclock position for greater impact consistency.

The TR20 Drivers have been holistically engineered with the high performance VIZARD shafts to ensure all components work in perfect harmony.

The TR20 460 driver is available in 9.5° & 10.5° lofts, plus a weight kit is included for the perfect setup.

“TR20 drivers are a feat of engineering from our incredibly talented teams in Sakata / Japan and Carlsbad / U.S.A. Combining this innovative carbon construction with the legendary craftsmanship of our takumis in Japan is something we’re very excited for golfers to experience,” said HONMA President.

When HONMA ambassador Justin Rose saw TR20 for the first time, the first word out of his mouth was “badass.” He immediately put TR20 460 into play at the Hero World Challenge in December and at the Singapore Open last week.

TR20 Irons
Combining highly sought after HONMA craftsmanship with Tour-level performance, the TR20 irons have been engineered using the most premium materials to deliver incredibly precise feel, distance and control.

Crafted for golfers seeking a better player preferred blade length, the TR20 V iron is forged from the finest soft S20C carbon steel and incorporates a modern cavity back design. Built in strong but playable lofts,

TR20-V  irons features the iconic HONMA mole logo in the cavity as an emblem of UN-compromised forging heritage, something that HONMA prides itself on.

The TR20-P  irons are a true player’s distance iron with game improvement playability. They feature a forged S35C steel body with an L-cup face for increased ball speeds and a tungsten weighted pocket cavity to create speed-enhancing forgiveness on off-centre strikes, while a low centre of gravity and high MOI is achieved for a high launch and longer carries.

“The new TR20 irons are expertly shaped and crafted by some of the most skilled clubmakers in the world. Everything we know about golf club technology and design has been poured into this product line,” said HONMA Global Product Team.

The newest Honma TR20 is available from MST Golf stores.

MST Golf is the exclusive distributor for Honma.

TR20 460 Driver: RM4,190
TR20-P Irons (Graphite): RM6,950
TR20-P Irons (Steel): RM6,250
TR20-V (Steel): RM6,250



Nike’s Air Zoom Victory Tour Is Now Available in Stores

by PJ Roux

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour redefines premium performance. Revolutionary cushioning delivers a soft, responsive ride, while sleek leather adds sophistication to every round.

Premium Materials
Premium leather has a classic, sophisticated look. Lightweight, Flyweave construction on the upper quarter has a thin, stretchy skin that helps keep out water.

Smooth and Springy
Nike React technology is a lightweight, durable foam that delivers a smooth ride. A Zoom Air unit in the forefoot feels springy and responsive.

Hybrid Grip
Hybrid outsole design combines integrated traction under the balls of your feet with removable spikes around the lateral sides and heels for optimal gripping power in a variety of conditions.

Sockliner adds extra cushioning directly underfoot.

SRP: RM735
Available from MST Golf stores.

MST Golf is the appointed Golf distributor for Nike in Malaysia and Singapore.

The New 2020 GIII 8 Family Reaches Malaysia

by PJ Roux

Since 1972, GIII (Grand Golf Gear) by DAIWA has produced premium Made in Japan golf clubs that combines traditional Japanese beauty with high performance functionality. GIII combines elegant designs with intricate patterns and gold accents.

Their latest generation, the GIII 8, is designed to bring ultimate distance with easy playability through their clubs. They have combined high performance technology with elegant design and luxurious details of intricate patterns and gold accents.

Long Sole Power Trench
The GIII 8 utilizes a longer channel which they call a Power Trench for a bigger sweet spot which helps to increase distance and forgiveness across the face.

The Power Trench is implemented in the new driver, fairway wood and utility on a longer scale as compared to the previous generation.

Non-conforming Titanium Face in Driver, Fairway Woods & Utility
All GIII 8 woods and utilities feature titanium face designs which have a Coefficient of Restitution (COR) which surpasses the limit set by the USGA and R&A for competition. This was done in order to create even bigger sweet spots and faster ball speeds.

Balloon Crown
In the new driver, GIII has used an innovative new aerodynamic balloon like shape for the crown which creates increased swing speed. This is a result of improved aerodynamics which reduces air resistance and minimizes turbulence.

High Speed, High Rebound Shaft
DAIWA’s experience in the development of carbon fibre is unrivalled through over 60 years of experience as a world leader in fishing rod technology. Key proprietary technologies are carried over to create revolutionary GIII shafts which are unmatched in quality, feel and performance.

The new GIII 8 uses their uniquely developed slim taper shape shaft that loads and unloads quickly. The slim design reduces air resistance thus increasing swing speed. The weights of the shafts are also lighter than the previous generation and made to require less effort to hit.

Neo Titanium Face + Full Core Grooves
An evolved face design used in the GIII 8 irons creates a wider sweet spot, higher ball speed and more distance through the combination of the use of Neo Titanium material in the face and Full Core Grooves behind the face. This combination resulted in a higher COR which creates wider sweet spot and longer distance on shots across the face.

Multi Angle Twin Cut Sole
A unique sole design specifically for the GIII 8 irons that reduces friction at impact making the iron more stable and forgiving.

The new GIII 8 line of clubs are available from MST Golf stores.

GIII is exclusively distributed by MST Golf

Driver: RM5,700
Fairway Woods: RM4,500
Utilities: RM3,900
Irons: RM14,650

New Bettinardi BB and Inovai 6.0 have been released

by PJ Roux


Bettinardi Golf, the specialist in precision milled putters and developer of one-piece technology, announces the Next Generation 2020 BB Series and INOVAI 6.0 from master club maker Robert J. Bettinardi and Sam Bettinardi.

Following another successful year on tour with six professional victories, Bettinardi Golf has taken direct input from the world’s best golfers, expanded R&D, and introduced new milling techniques from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility just outside of Chicago, IL, to bring amateur golfers the advanced 2020 lineup. With 20-plus years in the golf business, Bettinardi is proud to continue to innovate and move into the next generation with these seven world-class putters.

Next Generation BB Series
Twenty years removed from the first BB Series line in 1999, Robert J. Bettinardi continues his reign using American ingenuity and expert craftsmanship, along with PGA Tour success to bring golfers the most advanced BB Series lineup yet. Refined with a measure of distinct elegance, the brand-new BB Series includes distinguished classics, including a traditional blade in the BB1, Tour-inspired BB1-Flow, new BB8-Wide and new BB45 mallet. Each BB Series putter is crafted from the finest Soft Carbon Steel, precision-milled to 350 grams, and given an optimized Super-Fly Face Milling for the finest, most responsive face milling, without the use of inserts.

“With the new BB Series, we're mixing classic Bettinardi favorites with next-generation advancements. We precision-milled, refined and perfected each model, and brought cleaner radiuses, tighter milled lines, and added a super-durable Glacier Black finish. I truly feel like this BB Series encompasses the core of Bettinardi.” said Robert J. Bettinardi.

Completely Re-engineered INOVAI Series
Based completely on Tour feedback, Sam Bettinardi makes his mark on the 2020 INOVAI 6.0 series alongside Robert, to offer players greater feel benefits without using any inserts, while still retaining high M.O.I. numbers. By using 303 Stainless Steel as the front contact area, and using the 6061 Military Grade Aluminum to act as key alignment guides and increase M.O.I., The INOVAI family of putters have the best feel to date, with superior stability.

The INOVAI 6.0 Series includes three all-new models built with two Tour-inspired neck options. Bettinardi introduces the 2020 INOVAI Rev 6.0 Crescent Neck and 6.0 Spud Neck. Each head shape was precision-milled construction to a precise 358 grams with their Major-proven F.I.T. Face milling for a super soft feel at impact.

“When our Tour staffers tested out the prototypes, they immediately put the putter in play and it’s yet to leave their bags. That's an amazing testament coming from the world's best golfers,” said Sam Bettinardi, Vice President of Bettinardi Golf
As with all Bettinardi putters, developing the Next Generation BB Series and INOVAI 6.0 was a family affair.

"It’s a special putter for me. From taking the initial feedback from Tour, to working alongside my father on the engineering side, reversing our bi-metal technology for a more solid feeling MOI putter with a one-piece Crescent neck, I believe together we have developed a break-through in putter feel, design, and technology.”

New Appearance & Premium Components
The BB Series is completed in an all-new, super durable Glacier Black finish for a more traditional black appearance from the previous generation, with the company's signature red, white, and blue paint scheme. The INOVAI Series is completed in a new striking Cobalt Blue finish across the 6061 Aluminum body with a clean and classic Platinum-finished face.

Each putter is hand-crafted in Bettinardi Golf’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility from the finest, high-quality metals, including American 303 Stainless Steel and High Grade 6061 Military Aluminum (INOVAI) and single-piece milled Soft Carbon Steel using hi-tech CNC milling technology, craftsmanship, with every putter assembled at Bettinardi’s facility.

The BB Series line-up retails for RM1,390 and the INOVAI 6.0 Series retails for RM1,850.

Bettinardi putters are exclusively available from MST Golf stores.

TaylorMade Brings Spider S into the Spider Family

by PJ Roux



TaylorMade Golf, the industry leader in technology and performance, today announces Spider S – the latest addition to the company’s acclaimed Spider franchise. The uniquely shaped putter family provides the ultimate in stability and forgiveness through high-MOI mallet designs.

Spider S is manufactured from high-grade 6061 aluminium and 100-percent machine milled for precision shaping. The square-frame putter head is outfitted with two 48g tungsten sole weights that are strategically placed on the toe and the heel to help stabilize the putter while also optimizing CG location.

A heavy tungsten backbar is used to further customize swing weight based on the length of the putter. Coming in 65g, the backbar at the rear of the putter is designed to influence head weight, feel and performance.

The combination of advanced materials and square shaping promotes high MOI for increased forgiveness and consistent roll on strikes across the face. With an MOI of 6,000-plus, Spider S offers the most forgiving performance of any model in the Spider franchise.
Completing the design is the Tour-proven Pure Roll™ Insert. With Spider S, the company opted for a thicker 5mm surlyn insert designed for better sound, feel and roll characteristics.

Spider S Chalk

Spider S Navy

“With Spider S, we utilize advanced materials and machine milling to create the highest MOI and most forgiving model in our Spider lineup. The beauty and performance of this putter is in all of the tungsten. We use more than 150g in each head to deliver precision weighting and optimal performance”
- Bill Price, TaylorMade Senior Director of Product Creation, Putters & Wedges

Spider S is available with an MSRP of RM2,090. Offered in two different colourways: Navy and Chalk. It comes equipped with the KBS Stepless Stability Shaft and Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip.

PXG Introduces Newest GEN3 0311 Irons

by PJ Roux

PXG Introduces Newest GEN3 0311 Irons

6th February 2020, KUALA LUMPUR – MST Golf, PXG’s Distributor for Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines hosted an evening for invited guests and media at the flagship MST Golf Tech Shop PJ (Federal Highway), the home of the PXG Performance Studio. The turnout saw guests made up of PXG fans, media and ilovegolf members witnessing the introduction of PXG’s new GEN3 0311 Irons.

“We are excited to introduce the new PXG GEN3 0311 Irons to the local market as we believe it is a significantly improved product that be received very well by all PXG fans and golfers alike. We have already received positive feedback about the new irons and are expecting the GEN3 irons to only bring the PXG brand to new heights moving forward. MST Golf is pleased with the growth of the brand in the short period we have been their distributor and only see an increase in demand of the luxury performance brand in the market.” said Ng Yap, MST Golf’s Chief Executive.

PXG GEN3 0311 Irons are offered in three models. The 0311T (Tour) model offers maximum workability and distance control designed for highly skilled golfers. The 0311P (Players) model has the ideal balance of playability and forgiveness that appeals to a wide range of golfers while the 0311XP (Xtreme Performance) model is optimized for maximum distance and forgiveness.

PXG has been known to only launch a new product if it is significantly improved compared to their previous iteration and they did with the newest GEN3 Irons. The new irons were further improved with a 5-times forged body, Impact Reactor powered by DualCOR which increases face loading that delivers more energy to the ball and a CNC milled back surface to create a thinner wall not possible through forging. The face of the GEN3 Irons is robotically laser welded to the body to expand the functional area in order to increase forgiveness on mishits. The GEN3 Iron heads are finished off with a satin nickel/chrome plating before being treated with robotic polishing, a that process eliminates virtually all inconsistencies in the sole and face geometries from club to club.

Emmanuel Goh, PXG ASEAN & China Sales & Operations Manager was also present to grace the event. “MST Golf has been an important partner for us to position our brand globally and they have done so with their expertise and strategically located stores” said Goh.
With the introduction of the new GEN3 0311 Irons, PXG also released their new wedges to replace the first generation that has been around for close to 5 years in the market. The new wedges are offered in two categories, the 0311 Forged and 0311 Milled Wedges. The 0311 Forged wedge is made from a 3-times forged body with high toe weighting which draws the CG higher to help increase spin and playability on chips and pitch shots.

The 0311 Milled Sugar Daddy wedge is also made out of a 3-times forged body and is 100% CNC milled to ensure every line, curve and angle are produced to exact specifications for consistent performance and advance shot-making. Extreme high toe weighting which utilizes PXG’s signature perimeter weighting optimizes CG and MOI for versatility and forgiveness.

PXG’s Brand Manager for Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines, Aaron Ng also took the opportunity to announce the formation of the PXG Troops Malaysia group. “PXG Troops was originally a term for PXG ambassadors but the term was also extended to PXG fans or PXG club users as the brand grew. I took the lead to form this as a PXG community to gain insights into the brand as well as for members to share their passion for the PXG brand with fellow passionate ‘Troops’.” said Ng. The MST Golf management was happy to extend the privilege of using the facilities at their MST Golf Tech Shop PJ to the PXG Troops every first Saturday of the month for gatherings and activities organized.

TaylorMade Releases TRUSS - Reshaping stability in traditional putters

by PJ Roux



CARLSBAD, Calif. (February 3, 2020) – TaylorMade Golf, the industry leader in technology and performance, today announced the company’s newest putter innovation in Truss. The uniquely shaped family of putters provides an answer for golfers seeking the performance of a high-MOI mallet in a more traditional shape.

The distinctive look of Truss putters directly relates to the performance of the product. At address, the topline will look very familiar to golfers. However, the face-on view reveals a compelling hosel structure that’s the defining feature of the entire family.

The design creates multiple contact points on the topline and reduces the amount of unsupported mass, which is intended to improve the stability of the putter face at impact. While traditionally shaped putters with a single contact point on the heel are susceptible to twisting at impact, Truss putters provide exceptional torsional stability and computer modeling shows Truss twisting less on off-centre strikes (as compared to our previous generation blade).

TaylorMade collected data on 40,000 putts hit by golfers of various skill levels and tracked the most common area of the face where strikes occur. Results showed that more than half of the strikes occurred on the toe-side of centre, which causes deflection and can lead to offline putts. Armed with this information, TaylorMade engineers set out to create a twist-resistant putter that offered greater torsional stability while maintaining a traditional shape.

The Truss hosel design derives its stability and strength from a geometric shaping that’s widely used across various forms of architecture, from home building to bridges, to create foundational stability. Our engineers used the same design elements with our Truss putters, adding stronger horizontal support across the topline.

Having dual contact points on the topline provides greater integrity on strikes across the face, delivering the performance of a high-MOI putter with the look of a blade or traditional mallet.


A paradigm shift occurred when TaylorMade introduced the Spider franchise more than a decade ago. Today, approximately 60% of players on the PGA Tour use mallet putters – whereas traditional blades were the majority before that time. As TaylorMade continued to refine and develop the Spider family, countless golfers expressed interest in the performance benefits of a high-MOI mallet but still preferred traditional shaping.

The perfect example is Dustin Johnson, who has enjoyed great success with both Spider and blade-type putters. While his results with the Spider speak for themselves, he also appreciates the clean look and enhanced feel a blade offers.

Three Different Shape Options

Truss will be offered in three distinct models: TB1, TM1 and TM2. TB1 is a heel-shafted blade design that most closely resembles a traditional blade putter. An additional 8g of weight was added to the toe to counterbalance the Truss hosel. TM1 is a heel-shafted mallet that combines the Truss hosel with a classic mallet shape. TM2 is a centre-shafted mallet with minimal offset and the hosel stretching across the entire topline. It is the most stable putter in the Truss family.

 Truss TB1

Truss TM1

Truss TM2


Truss will be at retail with an MSRP of RM1,830. Each model has a nickel cobalt finish and features the Tour-proven Cobalt Blue Pure Roll™ insert. They come equipped with the KBS Stepless Stability Shaft and Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny grip.

New PXG 0311 Wedges Released

by PJ Roux

New PXG 0311 GEN2 Wedges Released

0311 Forged Wedges
Forged from 8620 soft carbon steel, new PXG 0311 Forged Wedges have a versatile sole design that performs exceptionally well from all types of grass and playing conditions. CNC milled grooves have been designed to yield the maximum amount of spin on shorter shots near the green while optimising spin on longer shots from the fairway. The wedges offer the versatility to play all the short shots needed to produce consistently low scores. Incredibly forgiving, these PXG Wedges give golfers the ability to control trajectory and maximize spin.

Available in one, versatile sole design that performs very well from all types of grass and conditions.

CNC milled grooves, including the groove edge radius, take us to the legal limit in the name of spin and ball control. Milled grooves have been designed to yield the maximum amount of spin on shorter shots near the green while optimising spin on longer shots from the fairway.

Available in Chrome.

PXG 0311 Wedges are triple forged using compressive forces from 8620 soft carbon steel. Forged materials, having a tight grain structure, resonate differently than cast materials which adds to an outstanding impact experience.

PXG’s proprietary weighting system features lightweight titanium and heavier tungsten weights to optimise mass properties such as CG location and MOI.

High-toe weighting draws the CG higher and more towards the centre of the club head. This helps increase spin and improves playability on open face chip and pitch shots.

PXG 0311 Forged Wedges present a traditional and versatile sole design that performs very well from all types of grass and conditions. Tapering the sole aggressively from heel to toe and positioning tungsten weights along the perimeter increases the MOI. A narrower heel section effectively decreases the bounce, allowing the golf club head to slip under the ball more easily.

Available in 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60° loft options.

0311 Sugar Daddy Milled Wedges
100% CNC milled to prefect every surface, curve and angle for exceptional consistency club to club, new PXG 0311 Milled Wedges are designed for optimum performance and advanced shot-making. Think of the NEW PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy as the Jack-of-all-trades of the high-lofted golf wedge world. It incorporates a moderate initial angle with a blended sole design and can be used effectively from a wide variety of turf and sand conditions, allowing the golfer to use it for virtually any shot necessary.

CNC milled grooves take us to the legal limit in the name of spin and ball control. Milling the grooves, including the groove edge radius, also provides precision manufacturing of the groove geometry for exceptional consistency from club to club.

Available in Chrome

Triple forged 8629 soft carbon steel is used to fabricate PXG’s 100% Milled Wedges. The material helps to prolong the life of the grooves and enhances the appearance of the club over time.
100% CNC Milled
The CNC milling process ensures every line, curve and angle are produced to exacting specifications for consistent performance and advanced shot-making.

Using high density tungsten alloy and lighter titanium weights, our proprietary weighting system optimizes mass properties such as CG location and MOI. High toe weighting helps draw the CG higher in the club head and towards the centre, increasing spin and improving playability on open face chip and pitch shots.

Available in 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60° loft options.

The new 0311 Forged and Mare exclusively available through MST Golf stores nationwide. Custom fitting sessions are available through MST Golf Tech Shops.

PXG is exclusively distributed by MST Golf in Malaysia and Singapore.

Mizuno Releases T-20 Wedges

by PJ Roux

New Mizuno Wedges With Grain Flow Forged HD Precision by Mizuno in the T20 Wedges


The precision and feel of Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged HD process suits the manufacture of wedges like no other. Perfected for over 50 years at one factory in Hiroshima, Japan – Mizuno’s forging expertise is revered for its consistency of manufacture, distance control and incredible feedback. A reputation most commonly associated with Mizuno irons – but with even more payback in the wedges where touch and feel are most critical.

“Although our T-Series wedges haven’t been available to the public for over a year – they’ve become even more popular on tour over that time. The teardrop shape, forged feel and addition of a Tour only RAW finish brought the wedge to iconic status. The updated T20 has been a long time in coming – but with a few extra design tweaks we learned over the last year will finally bring all that wedge goodness back to the public.” Kyle Hammond, PGA Tour Technician

New HYDROFLOW MICRO GROOVES are vertically etched to release moisture and maintain spin in damp conditions.

Weight placed high, discreetly within a tapered blade for increased spin and vertical stability from off centre strikes.

After Grain Flow Forging every head is mechanically milled to the highest possible tolerances – ensuring a perfectly flat face and consistent spin.

Boron infused 1025 billets is more durable for longer lasting grooves and spin you can trust. T20's higher lofted wedges carry a wider shallower groove for the partial shots played around the green. Alternatively, our lower lofted options have the deeper, narrower groove more suited to full shots. All precision milled for predictable, consistent spin.

Profile flows from a defined teardrop 46 degree pitching wedge for full shots, through to a more rounded 60 degree for versatility around the green.

The Mizuno T20 Wedges are available in a Blue ION plated finish in 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° & 60° lofts.

SRP: RM 799

Mizuno Golf is exclusively available in MST Golf stores.
Mizuno Golf is exclusively distributed by MST Golf