About Our Stores

From our inception as a used golf club trader in 1990, MST Golf has progressed and now established itself as the leading and largest specialty golf retailer in Malaysia and Singapore.  

We currently operate 43 stores across Malaysia and Singapore, offering over 90 brands of golf products, including equipment, accessories, and apparel. Some of our stores provide club-fitting services to help customers build equipment that best suits their needs.  

In 2022, we opened MST Golf Arena, our 40,000 square feet flagship destination that incorporates our golf specialty store, our newest teaching and club-fitting facility – The Golf Lab, and our latest high-tech indoor golf playing center under one roof. MST Golf Arena aims to be a beginner-friendly facility for the public. We encourage customers to dress casually and offer free clubs for customers to play in our simulation bays. Our bays offer a variety of immersive on-course experiences and mini-games that allows customers to utilize their golfing skills in many fun ways. Our games can be adjusted for the player’s skill levels, making it accessible and fun for non-golfers to try golf in their way. We also have certified teaching professionals stationed in our indoor golf center to provide tips and structured golf learning programs that customers can sign up for if they are interested.  

We have a team of experienced professional coaches, golf consultants, internationally-certified fitters, and long-serving customer service staff who are passionate about golf and dedicated to fulfilling our customer’s golfing needs.  

Our vision is to serve the best in everything golf because we believe people will enjoy the game longer and more thoroughly with access to a world-class golf shopping, learning, and playing experience. Find your nearest MST Golf location by clicking Here.