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Spider S


Advanced Materials
+ Intelligent Shaping
= Spider Stability²

Engineers combined the properties of high-grade aluminum and Tungsten weighting in a design that delivers max stability and forgiveness.

Spider S Features & Technologies

Machine Milled & Premium Materials

Machine Milled 6061 Aluminum combined with strategically placed Tungsten Weighting on the Sole and backbar provide unparalleled stability for consistent rolls across the Face.

Max MOI for Improved Forgiveness

With an MOI of 6,000, Spider S is the most stable putter in our lineup.

Fit For Your Stroke

Swing weight will be optimized for precise performance using a heavy Tungsten backbar.

Tour-Proven Pure Roll™ Technology

Played by the world’s best, Pure Roll inserts produce better sound and feel while 45° Grooves increase topspin to help the ball start and stay on its intended line.

Spider S Details & Features

Crafted from premium materials, Spider S offers the highest MOI of any putter in the TaylorMade lineup.

Multi-Material Construction
The use of high-grade 6061 aluminum matched with Tungsten Weighting in the Sole and the rear weight bar

Our Highest Stability Spider™ Putter
The combination of Tungsten sole weights and a weight bar provide a deep CG and high MOI

Tungsten Weight Bar
An adjustable Tungsten weight bar at the rear of the putter is customized for each Shaft length while also allowing personalized head Weight and MOI. 48g Tungsten Sole Weights are positioned on the front left and right side for stability

Pure Roll™ Insert
A thicker Pure Roll insert encourages optimal forward roll as well as better sound, feel and overall roll characteristics

KBS Stepless Stability Shaft (black)
A new single bend black CT Tour putter Shaft from KBS is designed to reduce deflection and increase stability.