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Kuro 2020


Forged Iron



The new black iron from ONOFF's contracted pros has led to multiple tour victories, and earned the players trust.

Our new Forged iron created for ball speeds, soft feel, Stability & forgiveness all packed into a beautiful player’s package allowing you to attack the pin with confidence


Featuring beautiful thick and straight top blade-lines, making it easy to set up, easy to swing while sporting clean sharp lines. Engineered with the input from our tour players, we have incorporated a Hollow Body structure in a forged head for the first time. The new Kuro, attacking the pin is now a reality.

Face center of gravity has been design for easier golf

There is Tungsten alloy in the soles of the irons (#4 - #7), while the Toe areas in #8 & #9 irons are thicker.

This shift in the Face Centre of Gravity combined with our new Hollow construction increases MOI values for more consistency. The construction has also allowed the Face flex to increase, gaining ball speeds for added distances.

 A wider Hyper Effect Face helps to create higher initial ball velocity for increased ball speeds and distance.

Laser milling on the face increases surface roughness improving imparted Spin-rates, especially useful in damp or wet conditions.


A New special spring steel “SAE8655” has been rolled for the Face of the new Kuro.

This increases makes the Face thinner without losing strength and increases initial ball speeds for greater distance.

High quality labo spec "SHINARI: i65" shafts are fitted as standard (Graphite Option)

A medium tone Shaft designed for irons capable of suppressing the inherent incompatibility of graphite shafts also fitted in the fairways led us to one conclusion. A high-quality labo-spec Shaft has been adopted as the standard option, designed to be specifically in tune with each individual iron head.

Each shaft in the set is designed with precise Weight, torque, frequency, and Shaft balance points. This ensures optimal Launch conditions are delivered throughout the entire set. For the golfer this presents exceptional feel, stability and ball flight control.