Honma Beres S-05 3-Star Driver

What Honma Say:

The S-05 the culmination of HONMA technology. "Ti-3-2.5 Forge-cast Crown Honeycomb + Rib Mechanism", The impact caused by hitting balls is converted into effective deflection of the crown, which propagates the deflection and resilience to the surface of the face, creating the longest carry distance and ball speed in the series. The optimum spin and hitting angle provided by the design of the internal center of gravity,The hitting angle is stable even with low spin because of the shaft design.The stiffness distribution adds the stable direction of the hit to the excellent grip. High performance clubs that pursue all three components of superior flight.

Features & Benefits:

·         Honey Comb Crown - A unique crown structure has been used, allowing Honma to save weigh from the crown and strategically redistribute it throughout the driver. This leads to better forgiveness and launch properties.

·         Rib Crown Structure - An internal Ribbing crown structure has been utilized, this reduces energy loss through impact by limiting the crown ability flex. The energy is more effectively transferred to the ball, leading to better distances.

·         Optimal CG Placement - Weight saved through the above mentioned technology, allows for better CG placement within the driver. The result is a higher launching, lower spinning driver that generates distances without additional effort.

·         Ti 6-4 Forged Face - By utilizing this Honma can save weight which is redistributed to make the club more forgiving whilst allowing better feel and performance from the lighter, stronger face helps distances on miss hits.

Our Recommended Player Profile:  

This is best suited for the mid-to-higher handicap player seeking a higher launch angle as well as wanting to fight a fade. Designed with a low, deep and heel biased CG this is well suited to those players needing some help to get the ball up in the air and to hit it straighter (If they are hitting fades or slices).

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