Majesty Prestigio 12 Women's Irons

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What Majesty Say:
The Voyage begins Now. How far? How accurate? How consistent? The evolution of golf clubs is infinite. We bring out the golfers’ max potential – just by holding a MAJESTY club, you are entering the best state of mind for a whole new experience. The titanium monocoque body and built-in tungsten weight are the results of our pursuit of energy efficiency. The clubface and shaft represent the pinnacle of function and aesthetics. The pinnacle of “Made in Japan” quality.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Ultra-pure tungsten X16.5 weights - The first-ever irons fitted with 16.5-g/cc ultra-pure tungsten weights – 50% heavier than lead! The deep CG comparable to hybrids gives you the power to strike the ball like pros and achieve incredible distance with high trajectory.
  • Improved COR with cobalt-infused maraging face - Cobalt-infused steel is applied to maximize the COR. Unlike conventional maraging steel, Prestigio XII does not contain chrome, and this can poten- tially create issues with rust. To overcome this problem, Prestigio XII is uses a multilayered coating of hard chrome plating and IP. Exceptional beauty, with purpose.
  • Multi-layered coating - A black shine giving the sense of beauty and strength. Luxurious Ion-Plating finish layered on top of extra rigid chrome plating enables to adopt Cobalt, infused in the maraging steel face.

Our Recommended Player Profile: 
The Prestigio XII is a ultra lightweight driver designed for easy launch and mid spin. It is best suited for the mid-to-high handicap player looking for one of the most luxurious drivers on the market today.

Set Make Up:
#6 Iron - #9 Iron including PW, AW & SW (6 Clubs)

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