XXIO 11 2020 Women's Hybrid (MP-1100)

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What XXIO Say:
Remarkable Lightness
. XXIO clubs are remarkably lightweight. You can sense this the moment you hold one in your hands and you feel that lightness in every swing. It’s how you add speed without adding effort. And it’s how you stay strong through 18 with less fatigue on the 19th. More energy post-round and far less strain on your body means you’ll play better golf and a lot more of it.

Features & Benefits:

  • A Faster Cup Face - Cup Face construction in the Driver, Fairways, and Hybrids makes each face more flexible. A flexible face reflects energy back into the ball at impact, increasing ball speed and boosting long game distance, especially on off-center strikes.
  • Longer Fairways & Hybrids - The Cannon Sole in XXIO Eleven Fairway Woods and Hybrids improves your launch and ball speed. Its unique shape allowed for a larger Cup Face and more flexible sole. For you, it means more distance when hitting those difficult shots off the deck.
  • Weight Plus - Weight Plus is a groundbreaking counterbalancing technology that puts up to 13g of brass and rubber weight in the end of each shaft, located behind your hands as you grip the club.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
Designed to be incredibly lightweight, easy to swing and more forgiving than any XXIO before it the XXIO 11 is firmly suited to the mid-to-low handicap player looking for more distance and forgiveness.

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