ONOFF Arms AKA 2018 Women's Fairway

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What ONOFF Say:
Our Power Trench technology optimizes the flex and recovery of the club head at impact which increases ball speeds and transforms the club face into a larger high speed sweet area for more distance and less distance lost on off center hits. With the new LADY model, we focused on improving the Power Trench over the previous model by making it wider, deeper and longer heel to toe which helps bring distance performance and forgiveness to an all new level. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Power Trench - A New longer, deeper and larger Power trench has been utilized. This allows the face to flex adding ball speeds for improved distance across the entire face.
  • Larger Sweet Spot - Changes to the face has led to a lighter and thinner version in the new LP418F fairway, this has ensured more forgiveness through a bigger sweet spot.
  • Gravity Control Design - An internal weight is placed low and deep, this allows the ball to get up in the air faster, while increasing the MOI (Forgiveness) level of the fairway. 

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The LP418F is best suited for the mid-to-high handicap player looking for maximum forgiveness and easy launch properties. Due to its internal design it is very effective at combatting the fade or slice for a player.

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