Honma Beres Men's Wedge

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Features & Benefits: 

  • The technique of "Takumi" - It is a major premise to improve the performance of shots. On top of that, how far will the refined beauty be put into one club? BERES-W, which Sakata's "Takumi" is particular about Function and beauty.
  • Slide Zone - The sole surface in contact with the ground uses a nickel-chrome finish that has a low coefficient of friction and is not easily scratched. Due to the shape of the sole and the surface finish, it is easy to pull out in any lie.
  • Spin zone - HONMA's original black nickel finish with a high coefficient of friction is used on the face surface to enable maximum spin performance. In addition, CNC machining applied to the entire face to improve the accuracy of flatness produces stable impact and spin.
  • Reverse Taper Blade Design - A high center of gravity design gradually increases the thickness toward the top of the blade. As a result, the face catches the ball even at the upper hitting point, and the spin enters firmly.
  • I-Sole (50° & 52°) - Sole shape with a thin trailing edge. It is easy to get out even with a full shot.
  • C-Sole(56°, 58° & 60°) - Sole shape with a large drop in buns from the toe to the heel. Easy to pull out even if it is square or open.
  • Dedicated lightweight steel shaft - The new vibration absorption system "VSS" developed by TRUE TEMPER absorbs unnecessary and unpleasant shocks and vibrations at the time of a miss-hit and realizes a softer feeling. BERES's original onyx black finish creates a premium feel that other companies do not have.

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