Cobra KING Snake Bite Full Face Groove Versatile Grind Men's Wedge

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What Cobra Say:
The KING COBRA Wedge features a nostalgic throwback KING COBRA, reminiscent of the rich history and evolution of the brand. The wedge features a new SNAKEBITE groove design (in traditional & full face groove lengths) that is engineered to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘BITE’ around the greens.


  • SNAKEBITE Groove Technology - A new SNAKEBITE groove design uses a re-engineered cutting method that replaces tools more frequently to tighten groove tolerances, maximize groove volume, and create the sharpest and most accurate groove possible.
  • Progressive Groove - Offered with standard and full face groove options, offers the player options in terms of face profile and performance for the first time.
  • 3 Grind Options - 3 Grinds allows for any player to be fitted into the New Snakebite wedges regardless of their swing type and turf conditions.

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