Wilson Infinite The South Side 2018 Men's Putter

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What Wilson Say:
The Wilson Staff Infinite putter line includes six classic head shapes with refined detailing, each featuring Counter-Balanced technology for a more controlled putting stroke. Inspired by the company's home base in Chicago, each putter is named after a local landmark or neighbourhood. The NEW Midway is modern, aggressive mallet head with an Arm Lock design and a 17" Grip

Features & Benefits:

  • Counter-Balanced - Additional Weight is placed in the head and the Grip of the putter, this moves the balance point closer to the hands. As a result the putter is extremely Stable and makes it very easy to produce a “pendulum” stroke.
  • Milled Face - A deep double Milling process creates a Face which promotes better roll, feel and distance control.
  • PVD Finish - Utilizing parallel and perpendicular lines to create visual alignment ques. This ensures lining up a put with the new Infinite line is a breeze.
  • Tour Proven Shapes - Padraig Harrington put the South Side model into play the first week of its released! All shapes have been moulded with input from the Wilson Staff tour players.

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