Wilson Infinite 2021 Buckingham Men's Putter

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What Wilson Say:The Wilson Staff Infinite putter line includes six classic head shapes with refined detailing, each featuring Counter-Balanced technology for a more controlled putting stroke. Inspired by the company's home base in Chicago, each putter is named after a local landmark or neighbourhood. The NEW Midway is modern, aggressive mallet head with an Arm Lock design and a 17" Grip .


    Doubled Milled Face – The process not only ensures better feel at impact but also promotes consistent impact, roll and distance control.    Counter-Balanced Technology – Added Weight in the Grip end of the putter moves the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother, more controlled putting stroke while increasing the MOI value of the putter.    Dark Anti-Glare Finish – A new ultra-dark PVD finish is used to aid in reducing glare and accentuate the putter’s sight-lines.

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