Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select 2020 Squareback 2 Men's Putter

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What Scotty Cameron Says:Solid milled stainless steel blade with performance balanced Tungsten Sole Weighting, a thinner topline, soft tri-Sole and re-designed plumbing neck for medium Toe flow.


  • Performance Weighting - New performance balanced Weighting expands on Scotty’s use of customizable Sole weights to tune putter performance and feel at all lengths. While overall putter head weights remain unchanged, the incorporation of Tungsten for the blades and stainless steel for the mid-mallets produces a larger sweet spot and enhanced Stability in each model.
  • Solid Milled Stainless Steel Construction- Returning to the roots of sound and feel, each Special Select model has been designed and milled in the United States from a block of solid 303 stainless steel for legendary performance and playability with consistent sound and soft feel.
  • Soft Tri-Sole Design - Long favored by touring professionals for its utility when setting up to putt, Scotty incorporated into the blades his soft tri-Sole design, which provides a self-soling feature at address for proper setup and an aesthetically pleasing view of the topline from the moment the putter is placed on the green.
  • New Pistolini Plus Grip - Each Special Select putter is accessorized with Scotty’s new Pistolini Plus Grip that marries the Pistolini shape with a less tapered lower hand profile for feel and performance.
  • Refined Neck Configurations - The Special Select line includes five different neck or Shaft options for better alignment and preferred Toe flow properties. From the cleaned up and repositioned new plumbing neck to the crisp lines of the small slant and new slantback necks—not to mention the mid-bend Shaft-over-spud setup of the Flowback 5—each of the Special Select neck styles has been designed with an eye toward easier alignment, visibility and setup.

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