PXG Mustang Heel Mid Slim 2.0 Men's Putter


What PXG Say:
PXG 100% MILLED PUTTER. The Battle Ready Mustang is a blade-style putter featuring weighted heel-toe ballasts, increasing stability and forgiveness to ensure a smooth stroke and help you sink more putts. The Mustang is named after an American long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter bomber used during World War II.

Features & Benefits:

  • High Density Tungsten Inserts - Tungsten Inserts in the heel and toe create a deeper CG location. increasing forgiveness and stability, improving the golfers ability to square the face at impact.
  • Optimized Pyramid Face Pattern - Originally introduced in the GEN2 putters, the pyramid face pattern has been re-engineered for maximum performance. Based on tour feedback an R&D testing, the groove depth has been adjusted to optimize feel and initial ball velocity across the face. The updated design also helps ensure consistency in other significant factors that affect roll such as launch angle, spin rates and skid distance.
  • Precision Weighting Technology - The balance of a Battle Ready Putter can be fine-tuned by changing the location of the weights in the sole. Based on the hosel selected, fine-tuning can alter the overall club-head weight, as well as influence launch conditions.

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