Ping Heppler Fetch Men's Putter

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What Ping Say:
The Heppler putters offer a machined, solid face for golfers who prefer a firmer impact feel and sound. Multi-material (steel and pressure-cast aluminum) mallets and mid-mallets provide extreme forgiveness and optimal CG for accuracy and consistency. A premium, contrasting copper-and-black finish provides alignment cues and visual interest.

Bearing the same heel-toe weighting that helped make the original Anser 2 so popular, the Heppler version also shares the original’s angled heel ballast. The all-steel Heppler Anser 2 stands apart with color blocking that creates its own eye-pleasing alignment assistance.


  • A firmer feel and sound is the result of the machined, flat face.
  • Multi Material Designs sees aluminum combines with steel to vastly improve MOI.
  • Stiffer Adjustable Length Shaft produces a firmer feel through advancements in the technology.

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