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Mizuno M-Craft Blade 2 Gun Metal Men's Putter

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What Mizuno Say:
A first edition heel-toe weighted putter the new M CRAFT line that lives up to Mizuno’s reputation for producing equipment of absolute precision and feedback. Forged from premium 1025 mild carbon steel, then CNC milled to create the most precise shape and alignment. With three initial classic shapes in three striking finishes and additional weight kit to adjust to a variety of putting conditions. M CRAFT II features a classic heel-toe weighted design with plumber's neck for mid toe-hang, suited to a moderate putting arc.


  • Absolute Precision - Forged and CNC milled from 1025 mild Carbon steel for incredible precision and feel. Deep Face Milling creates a softer feel and pure roll.
  • Heavy Weight Stabiliy - At a weighty 355 grams, M-CRAFT’s head promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke.
  • Additional Weight Kits - Includes two 3 gram weights, two 13 gram weights to be interchanged with the 8 gram fitted weights. Allowing the M.CRAFT to adjust to a variety of putting conditions.
  • White Satin, Blue ION or Black ION - Pick your favourite head style – then choose from one of three stunning finishes. Classic White Satin, bold Blue ION or intense Black ION.

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