Honma Honma Beres Black Limited Edition 3 Star Men's Package Set

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What Honma Say:
The Honma BERES Black Collection Set is designed for golfers seeking top-quality clubs that incorporate uncompromising HONMA craftsmanship and performance, also offering stunning modern looks without compromising the timeless design of the brand’s most sought after product line.

Optimised for slow to moderate swing speeds, the BERES BLACK collection sets is comprised of beautifully shaped Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons in the 3-Star Grade that incorporates the high strength, high elasticity M40X and T1100G materials in the hand-rolled ARMRQ shafts for efficient energy transfer and consistent ball flight.

All components of the BERES BLACK collection sets are hand-crafted and assembled by HONMA craftspeople in the same factory in Sakata Japan to ensure every aspect of the golf club works in harmony for greater impact consistency.

The 10.5-degree BERES BLACK Driver features a Maximum Speed Slot design that delivers an explosive trampoline effect off the clubface. Evolved slots, located close to the leading edge on the heel and toe, ensure that distance loss is reduced on off-center strikes through a corrective gear effect. In terms of cosmetics, the clubhead is coated with a jet-black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process for a striking finish. The clubface incorporates a radial mole logo that is etched across the surface for a super-premium look at address.

Carrying similar design features as the Driver, the BERES BLACK Fairway Woods (#3-15° & #5-18°) and Hybrid #4 (22°) offer superior performance demanded by golfers on long-distance shots. Strategically engineered sole slot technology ensures long carries and tight dispersions are achieved, while a low and deep CG design delivers high launching ball flights.

The BERES BLACK Irons (#5-#11 & SW) feature a 3D optimised L-Cup face design that promotes a more rounded leading edge and improved feel, along with a C-Cup structure wrapped around the toe to expand the sweet spot. Surplus weight is strategically placed on the toe and back of the heel to increase the MOI and ensure the CG is low and deep for increased launch. A thin ellipse face maximises flexion on strikes across the clubface to deliver increased ball speed. The Irons are coated in a jet-black IP (Ion Plating) finish.

Each high-performance 47g 3-Star ARMRQ shaft is meticulously hand-rolled and painted in a jet-black gloss finish to deliver unrivaled performance and supremely eye-catching looks.

Set Make Up: 1 x Driver, 2 x Fairways, 1 x Hybrid , 8 x Irons

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