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Yamaha RMX VD40 Men's Irons (6 Club Set)

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What Yamaha Say:
Introducing Yamaha RMX VD40 Iron. Really cool iron is an iron that sticks a pin. Thoroughly covers missed shots, suppresses distance loss and left-right blurring, and keeps the green boring. An iron with a large moment of inertia of 4,000 g ・ ㎠ of another dimension is born. An innovative shape that achieves a different dimension of moment of inertia "4,000" g ・ ㎠ . A new standard for irons.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highest MOI Iron - VD40 is directly related to the incredible MOI value of 4000 g/㎠. The unusual design ensures that weight is pushed the the extreme perimeter of the club, resulting in uncompromising levels of forgiveness. 
  • Deep Undercut Cavity - Utilizing a wide sole and extremely deep under cut cavity allows the CG placement to be very low and deep in the VD40 head. This further enhances its stability but more importantly enhances launch angles making it easier to get up in the air.
  • Internal Rib Design - The strong rib structure arranged in the back cavity supplements the body's rigidity aiding in feel and allowing better energy transfer to the ball during impact.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
Designed as the most stable iron in golf, it may look a different when looking at the back cavity yet at adress it looks like any normal oversized iron. The VD40 is extremely stable, good on distance and Yamaha comments on it beaing the next generation iron "completely eliminating Miss Hits". As such it is best suited for the mid-to-high handicap player looking for maximum forgiveness from their irons.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - PW (6 Clubs)

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