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Yamaha RMX VD Men's Steel Irons

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What Yamaha Say:
Introducing Yamaha RMX VD Iron. A small but highly tolerant all-round iron. The skillful design of the center of gravity has achieved the best balance in flight distance, operability, and feel. Demonstrates its true value in every situation due to its elaborate design. The head size is almost the same as the soft iron forged RMX VD tour model iron, and while it has excellent operability, it also retains the moment of inertia, which dispels the image of "small head = difficult". Operability and tolerance are compatible at a level that even professionals are satisfied with.

Feature & Benefit:

  • Chrome Molybdenum Steel - Allowing for thinner faces and walls without losing structural integrity, these weight gains are re-distributed throughout the head optimizing CG, feel and launch conditions.
  • Narrow pitch and sharp edge Scorelines - The improved grooves grabs the ball securely even under adverse weather ensuring better face interaction with the ball, this allows better more reliable spin rates and thus a more stable flight pattern.
  • Tour Influenced - The VD iron shares the same design traits as its brother the VD tour but utilizes more advanced materials for better distances, more forgiveness and more play-ability than a traditional iron of this size. Despite it play-ability the looks especially at address is heavily influenced by Yamaha Staff players input as well as previous tour model designs.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
Despite its size the VD irons offer surprising levels of forgiveness and is fueled by the addition of Chrome Molybdenum in its design ensuring remarkable ball speeds from the face. As a result it suits most players in the mid-to-low handicap bracket.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - PW (6 Clubs)

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