XXIO Cross Men's Irons

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What XXIO Say:
Dunlop Sports Marketing Co., Ltd.'s Sumitomo Rubber Group's “XXIO Cross Iron”, which combines flight distance and rectilinearity at a high level, with an overwhelming high initial velocity design face and a unique dedicated center of gravity design. Provides overwhelming golf distance performance to golfers who "want to fly with a driver or an iron anyway" or "want to aim 150 yards with a short iron".

Features & Benefits:

  • Titanium Face - The thinnest face in XXIO history allows greater face flex and energy transfer  to the ball during impact, resulting in more speeds & more distance.
  • Speed Groove - Cutting a slot into the back of the face allows fro greater precision in not only weight placement, but more predictability in how & when the face will flex. This further stimulates ball speeds even on miss hits.
  • Super Toe Weight - Introducing this extreme weight ion the toe offsets the added weight found in the design off the face and hosel of the iron. The "Super toe weight" allows XXIO to reposition the CG location in the middle of the clubface while dramatically improving stability (M.O.I) of the club head. 
  • Ultra Low CG - A super wide sole combined with a shallower face profile and and extremely deep undercut face cavity ensures a CG location very low in the club head. This will aid the player to launch the ball higher with confidence. 

Our Recommend Player Profile: 
Design specifically with the higher handicap player in mind, the wider sole, hallow face, Titanium face and counterbalancing (via the "super toe weight") ensures this is the easiest XXIO iron in their history to get up in the air and generate good distance from. Best suited fort he mid-to-high handicap player.

Set Make Up:
#6 Iron - PW including AW & SW (7 Clubs)

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