Titleist 620 CB Men's Irons

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What Titleist Say:
The new 620 CB irons stay true to everything players have come to trust from this classic model, with distinct refinements that make them better than ever.

Features & Benefits:

  • Co- Forging – To improve balance and increase Forgiveness the 3 & 4 Irons in the new 620 CB’s are co-Forged with Tungsten in the Toe area of the clubs.
  • Progressive Blade Lengths – Tweaking blade lengths to be slightly longer in the longer irons while 620 retaining a more compacted profile in the shorter irons, ensure more playability from the new 620 CB irons.
  • Tour Refined Soles – Reworking the soles and refining their renowned pre-worn Leading Edges has led to better turf interaction which even the best players in the world are talking about.
  • Reduced Offset In an effort to make these irons look even more classic and ensure a better players look, Titleist have reduced offsets to make  them even sleeker in appearance.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
Known for the playability and good Forgiveness levels in their CB irons, Titleist have delivered again with the new 620 CB. It is definitely aimed at the Mid-Low handicap player whom is seeking workability and a fair amount of Forgiveness in a very traditional and clean looking club head.

Set Make Up:
# 4 Iron – PW (7 Clubs)

Quick View - Iron

Head Type:
Construction Method:
Construction Type:
Single Piece
Cavity Type:
#7 Iron Loft:
Fitted Shaft:
Shaft Weight:
115 - 120 Grams

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