PXG 2021 0211 DC Men's Irons

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What PXG Say:
The PXG 2021 0211 Irons deliver insane distance and forgiveness at a price you’d never expect – certainly not from us. Featuring an innovative new progressive set design powered by our DualCOR system, these wicked little beauties will knock your socks off.

Features & Benefits:

  • Progressive Set Design - The clubs feature progressive offset and progressive bounce angles for an ideal blend of accuracy and distance across the set.
  • DualCOR System - Inner Core Technology – Extremely high C.O.R. soft polymer core provides increased face loading, while storing and rebounding more energy to the ball. Outer Core Technology – High-strength, high C.O.R. polymer provides increased structural stability to support an extremely thin, high-performance steel face.
  • Large Active Face Area - By utilizing an undercut perimeter face design, the active face area is notably larger.  This increased area allows the face to better activate the DualCOR System to deliver high ball speeds across the entire set with the same amount of effort.
  • Angled Top Rail - The upper surface of the clubhead has been angled away from the face, removing mass from the heel and repositioning it toward the toe. This helps position the CG very close to the center of the face for higher MOI and consistency.
  • World's Thinnest Face - Made from high strength HT1770 maraging steel and measuring a mere 0.058" (~1.55mm) thick, PXG presents the thinnest face in golf.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
This model is packed with distance generating technologies, while remaining visually appealing to a wide player audience with its clean and compacted lines. It is a highly affordable product from one of golf's Super Premium brands allowing more players to experience PXG for the first time. The blend of big distance and player profile at address makes it suitable for any player looking for greater distance and accuracy without having to sacrifice on traditional irons shapes.

Set Make Up:
#6 Iron - PW including a GW (6 Clubs)

Quick View - Iron

Head Type:
Construction Method:
Hollow Body
Construction Type:
Cavity Type:
#7 Iron Loft:
Fitted Shaft:
Shaft Weight:
90 - 95 Grams

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