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PRGR Super EGG 2015 Men's Graphite Irons

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What PRGR Say:
Super egg irons, from a 5 iron to a pitching wedge, are high-repulsion clubs. This means that the player has the advantage of a higher initial velocity. The astonishing high repulsion, high initial velocity, and high trajectory make it possible to hit 190 yards with a 7 iron. The 5 iron to the pitching wedge have a Hollow structure with a high repulsion maraging Face, maximally reducing the thickness to 1.9 mm. High-repulsion performance has been achieved with a coefficient of repulsion exceeding 0.83*. The 5 and the 6 irons are utility shaped, which means that a player can easily hit long distances with these middle irons, without feeling any unwanted pressure. All egg irons have oversized heads, giving a sense of security to the player at address. Enjoy hitting long distances with irons, just as with a driver.

Features & Benefits:

  • High C.O.R. Design - Using maraging steel in the form of C300 has a allowed PRGR to make the Face extremely thin, this results in a hot Face able to repel the ball faster for more distance.
  • Progressive Head Shape - To increase ball speeds from the long irons PRGR has opted for a full Hollow body design similar to hybrids but in an iron shape. In the mid and short irons the back cavity is opened up, and only a half Hollow structure is used. This combination promotes raw distance where needed, and controlled distance in the scoring irons. 
  • Square Grooves in Wedges - Able to impart the highest Spin rates found worldwide, the square Groove has been used for better flight control and to maintain stopping power. 

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The Super EGG is ideally suited for the higher handicap player, looking for maximum distance and forgives from an iron. A truly unique design results in incredibly high MOI, C.O.R. and distance numbers.

Set Make Up:
# 5 Iron - # 9 Iron including PW (6 Clubs) 

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