Ping G425 Men's Irons

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What Ping Say: 
Expanded perimeter weighting in this compact head design helps set a new standard in forgiveness for an iron its size. The metal-wood-style, variable face thickness design greatly increases flexing for measurable ball-speed gains that launch shots higher and farther with the stopping power to hold greens – a rare result with most of today’s distance-minded irons.

Features & Benefits:

  • Added Forgiveness - The latest G series iron is the most forgiving yet, utilizing a Tungsten screw in the toe with a precisely weighted hosel, to offer maximum MOI properties from a clean compacted profile.
  • Streamlined Look - Shorted blade length from heel-to-toe ensures a cleaner, more compact looking iron while retaining its distance and forgiveness properties.
  • Variable Face Thickness - The design allows engineers to make the face flex more for added ball speeds and distance.  A thinner perimeter allows this additional flex while the slightly thicker center ensures a pleasing sound and feel.
  • Cascading Sole and Top Rail - This design ensures the CG is moved lower and deep creating the optimal of higher launch and low spin for maximum distance and a steep decent angle to make sure it stops.

Our Recommend Player Profile: 
The G425 is designed around the philosophy of max forgiveness and optimal distance performance. It is best suited to the mid-to-high handicap players looking for an easy high launching club head offering tons of stability and green holding power.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - PW (6 Clubs)

Quick View - Iron

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