ONOFF Labo RB-247K Men's Irons

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What ONOFF Say:
Distance, forgiveness,control, a great feeling high performance iron. Attack the pin with forgiving distance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Direct Repulsion Face  - Creating more forgiveness and distance through a combination of multiple technologies. Using a 270 Degree L-Shape Cup-face allows more flex and de-flexes quicker and more accurately for better control and distance.
  • Power Trench Face - Fast becoming a staple part of ONOFF irons designs, the power trench is a strategically cut groove running from the heel-to-toe in the top third of the face. This saves weight while allowing more face flex where it is needed.
  • Full Core Groove - In addition to the power trench the Full core grooves
    are 3 "half-C" shaped slits cut into the back of the face, directly behind the toe and heel areas. Designed to maximize face flex and thus ball speeds on miss-hits towards these areas.
  • Vibration Stabilizer - A soft polyurethane material is inserted into the slot formed by the undercut cavity behind the face. This dramatically improves feel by dampening and absorbing vibrations during impact.
  • Laser Milled Face - A "diamond" like pattern of laser milling across the face ensures better club/ball interaction regardless of weather conditions. The overall result (even in dry weather) is better spin control across all irons for more precise iron shots that stop on a dime.
  • Progressive Head Shape - Featuring progressive CG placements allows greater control and much better stability for the player. The longer irons (5-7) have their weight more towards the toe, allowing you to square it up easier while the shorter irons (8-PW) shifts this weight towards the toe region to prevent the toe flipping over and the ball going left.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
If you where to look at these irons you would be forgiven for thinking they are exclusively for the lower handicap player due to their clean lines, compacted profile and classic styling. They are however something suited to the mid-to-low handicap player due to their stabilizing and distance generating properties. The RB-247K is designed as Player Distance iron but it can most certainly be used by a wider audience than this.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - PW(6 Clubs)

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