ONOFF Kuro Forged 2021 Men's Irons

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What ONOFF Say:
Introducing ONOFF Forged Iron Kuro 2021, Developed under the supervision of an Onoff contract professional, this iron has the "stickiness to hit" and is the best club for each count, and is the best iron for players who aim accurately. The semi-automatic high-performance hollow iron has evolved into an iron that can aim at the pin more easily with a higher trajectory and flight distance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Onoff's original hollow structure - A hollow forged iron that is easy to hold, swings well, is easy to align lines, incorporates a unique hollow structure into the head shape designed based on professional advice, and can aim for pins with unprecedented high trajectory and flight.
  • Cup face that produces high initial velocity and brings flight - High-strength special spring steel "SAE8655" rolled material is used for the face material to increase the repulsive force of the face. Furthermore, by making it an L cup face, the repulsive force at the bottom of the face is also increased, and it has evolved into an iron that can fly even on missed shots.
  • Soft shot feeling - Although the face material has a high repulsive force, the actual hitting point is designed to be thick, achieving a soft shot feeling that even tour pros will be satisfied with.
  • Accuracy provided by stable spin performance - Hexagonal laser milling that stabilizes spin performance is applied to the face surface, and you can aim the pin dead with stable spin from any situation.
  • CBT (Cross Balance Technology) - Unique cross-balance technology that allows you to adjust not only the head weight but also the grip side weight by exchanging the weight screw common to the head and grip. An unprecedented adjustment system that allows you to easily customize the balance. With the separately sold weight screw and CBT grip, it is possible to customize to bring the optimum performance to each golfer. An evolved hollow iron that maximizes the head speed of each golfer with a head weight adjustment function that can optimize the ease of swinging, swings comfortably and realizes a new level of flight distance performance. By exchanging the weight screw, the balance can be adjusted within the range of ± 3g for all counts. If the head is heavy and difficult to swing, the weight is lightened to reduce the weight of the head. Also, by increasing the weight of the head, it is possible to customize the club to hit a stronger ball. By replacing the weight screw (sold separately) of the head, the optimum head weight and balance can be adjusted for each golfer. The standard specification is equipped with a weight of 4g. By changing the weight by ± 2g, the balance changes by ± 1.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
KURO forged continues to be a hollow body players distance iron. At address it has clean lines while inspiring confidence due to how it frames the ball. Despite its design incorporating hollow bodied forgiveness and distance it remains better suited for the the mid-to-low handicap players seeking some distance and forgiveness from a beautiful players profile iron.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - PW (6 Clubs)

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