ONOFF AKA Tungsten 2018 Men's Steel Irons

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What ONOFF Say: Power trench (groove) and high repulsion sole work in synergy with the wider hyper effect face to maximize flexing while providing optimal resistance for a powerful shot. Increased forgiveness on off center hits and absorption of unwanted vibrations create a pleasant feel at impact.


Features & Benefits:

  • Power Trench – The addition of the power trench in the face and a redesigned sole allowing it to flex more, ensure the new AKA gets the most amount of energy back to the ball, achieving better ball speeds for better distance.
  • Variable face Thickness – 4 Different face thickness profiles are used in the new AKA this leads to the club head producing more speed even from miss hit shots. The result is better distance across the entire club face.
  • Gravity Control System – A large tungsten weight is used to aid the forgiveness and to help the player turn the head over easier. The result is an easier to draw club head, the tungsten weighting is also situated low in the head aiding the player in a higher launch without additional effort.
  • Laser Milling – More control with all shots have been achieved by the introduction of laser milling in the face. The increased surface roughness imparts more spin to the ball and will help produce a more stable spin rate for the player.

Our Recommended Player Profile: The AKA is best suited for the mid-to-high handicap player looking for better distance and consistency from their irons. Due to its internal weighting the AKA is also very effective at combatting the left to right shop shape.

Set Make Up: # 5 Iron - # 9 Iron Including a PW (6 Clubs)

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