Mizuno Pro 225 Men's Steel Irons

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What Mizuno Say:
Hot Metal Blade Design.
The 2ND GEN of Mizuno's staggering Hot Metal Blade – and the most playable of the Mizuno Pro series. More compact than the original with a revised CORTECH multi-thickness face for even quicker ball speeds. Equally effective as a long / mid-iron alternative for elite players or a complete set for low to mid handicaps. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan, with a soft copper underlay for a uniquely satisfying Mizuno sensation at impact.

Features & Benefits:

  • GFF HD - Grain Flwo Forged using 4135 Chromoly vastly improves not only feel, but allows for a thinner hotter face, ensuring better distances from such a compact head-shape.
  • CORTECH Face - Utilizing variable face thickness throughout the set ensures better, more consistent ballspeeds. This second generation pushes the boundaries, further reducing the thickness where it is least needed aiding in improved speeds.
  • Copper Underlay Layer - Reintroduced in the MP-20 the addition of a copper layer before the final chrome plating ensures a "meaty" feel and sound which is unmistakable as a Mizuno Grain Flow Forged decedent.
  • H.I.T.  - By utilizing their patented Harmonic Impact Technology, Mizuno has dialed the sound on the new Pro Irons, this leads to better feel and more confidence for the player.

Our Recommended Player Profile: 
The latest rendition of Mizuno's HMB concept (Hot Metal Blade) see improves across the board providing the player with better feel, slightly more distance and measurable more forgiveness. Despite the distance enhancing and forgives however these are best suited for better ball strikers on a lower handicap looking for more distance while retaining maximum work-ability.

Set Makeup:
#5 Iron - PW (6 Clubs)

Quick View - Iron

Head Type:
Construction Method:
Hollow Body
Construction Type:
Cavity Type:
#7 Iron Loft:
Fitted Shaft:
Shaft Weight:
95 - 100 Grams

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