Mizuno MP-18 MB Men's Steel Irons (NS Pro 950GH)

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What Mizuno Have to Say:
Sculpted by our YORO master craftsmen, the MP-18 is a throwback to the muscle-backs of Mizuno’s past. A shorter blade length, cambered top line and steep progression into sharp, compact wedges are the marks of our master clubmakers – who honed their skills on the irons of major winners. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan for the most colourful feedback imaginable.

Features & Benefits:

  • Grain Flow Forged - Arguably one of the most precise forging processes in the world, grain flow allows Mizuno to line up all the molecules within the steel, resulting in precise flight and Spin numbers, but it also creates the feel Mizuno irons are famous for.
  • Precision Head Shape - Special attention was paid to the proportions of the MP-18 MB iron, the top line is thinner, the blade length are slightly more compacted and it has a sharper more refined PW compared to previous MP models. These irons have been designed utilizing the same shape and proportions which made Mizuno irons famous.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The MP-18 MB is a purest iron, it is designed with minimal Forgiveness levels but maximum workability factors. As a direct result the MP-18 MB is best suited for the skilled low handicap player looking for a consistent flight and maximum workability.

Set Make Up:
# 4 - PW (7 Clubs)


Quick View - Iron

Head Type:
Construction Method:
Construction Type:
Single Piece
Cavity Type:
#7 Iron Loft:
Fitted Shaft:
Shaft Weight:
90 - 95 Grams

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