Honma T//World TW757VX Men's Irons

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What Honma Say:
INTRODUCING: HONMA'S TW757 Vx IRONS. Whether success for you means a national title, a club championship, or simply your personal best, stats show your proximity to the hole on approach usually wins the day. New multi-material TW757 family of irons are precision tools that deliver unmatched control. TW757 Vx player’s cavity back irons are forged from a billet of the softest S20S carbon steel.

Features & Benefits:

  • An Evolved Tour Iron for Long Carry - Three models of the tour-inspired T//Word 757 iron help shots carry long, achieving high and straight flight with mis-hit forgiveness.
  • T//World 757Vx Irons: Forged Cavity Back Irons with Effortless Workability - The seven-gram tungsten toe weight lengthens the CG distance (#4 - #8) in the wide clubhead, yet the high operability is maintained by the CG position. Optimal heel and toe weights reduce energy loss on off-center hits with this forged cavity back – generating high, straight, and long shots with optimal spin and solid feel.
  • VIZARD CUSTOM SHAFT IB-WF, The Feel of Steel with Optimized Performance - To provide a graphite shaft option with more similarities to steel, the VIZARD IB-WF combines stainless steel fiber sheets with the metallic fiber Bolfur®. The finished product features a unique vibration dampening effect with increased rigidity for high-launching full shots and workable short shots.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - PW (6 Clubs)

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