Honma Beres BE-08 Aizu 2 Star Men's Irons

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What Honma Say:
Honma’s master craftsmen bring forth the traditional Japanese “Aizu” Lacquer design with this lineup. Each product lineup within the Aizu model features its own unique, creative color scheme and design. There are two different crown prints on the metalwoods. Additionally, there are designs on the iron cavities. Both bring a fashion show to the golf course.

Feature & Benefit:

  • 3D L-CUP Face - Achieves high resilience performance over a wide range of faces. By thickening the sole part, the center of gravity is lowered and the launch angle is increased.
  • Sole Slit - High repulsive force is generated by the slits on the outside and inside of the sole. In addition, the slit on the outer toe exerts a repulsive effect at the off-center RBI near the toe. The wide sole realizes a high launch angle with a low center of gravity.
  • Vertical slit uneven thickness face - The face is thinned to the utmost while maintaining the strength of the face by the vertical slit-shaped uneven thickness. As a result, the repulsive force is increased, and the tolerance for hitting point blur is realized with a stable shot with high flight distance performance.
  • Cavity structure with deep and low center of gravity to create the ideal trajectory - By expanding the scooping range at the bottom of the cavity, a deeper and lower center of gravity is achieved. Furthermore, by changing the gouge according to the count, the ideal trajectory required for each can be obtained.
  • Adopting new material that balances running and stability - A consistent swing trajectory is achieved by winding the newly developed material "10-axis braided cloth sheet" with high compressive strength around the batting side and accelerating the crushing and returning movement of the shaft during the swing. The counterbalancing effect is improved and the swing speed is improved. Increasing the strength of the shaft sheet makes the swing path constant and enables accurate shots.
  • Directional stability of the trajectory due to stable head behavior - Image of directional stability due to the difference in shaft grade at off-center hit. Comparison of the trajectory hit by removing 20 mm from the center of gravity to the heel side and toe side respectively. Directional stability increases in proportion to the shaft grade.
  • Accelerate head running at impact - Due to the difference in materials and design used due to the upgrade, the flight distance performance due to the increase in swing speed is demonstrated with higher accuracy.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The BE-08 replaces the previous BE-07 line up. Due to its lightweight properties the Beres BE-08 is best suited to the slower swing speed player seeking distance and forgiveness in a detailed package.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - #11 Iron including a SW (8 Clubs)

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