Callaway X Forged Star Men's Irons

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What Callaway Say:
The "X FORGED STAR iron" achieves "one piece soft iron forging iron of flight" which was not considered until now by strong loft. The height of the ballistics is also reduced by lowering the center of gravity, and the size of the head is increased, which also gives the player a sense of security. It is an appearance of a model that foresees the birth of a completely new iron category that combines the distance performance and the feel of soft iron forging that is ideal for better players such as "I want to fly but the flying iron is a little ...".

Features & Benefits: 

  • 1 Piece Forging with a difference - Traditional 1-piece forged irons rely on traditional lofts, generally associated with higher, shorter flights. By adapting the lofts to be stronger in the X-Forged Star irons Callaway have made distance enhancing 1-piece forged iron. 
  • Optimal CG location - Designed with an ultra low CG aids in launching he ball higher for softer landing shots.
  • Sole Length - In an effort to make the Star variant more playable Callaway have increased the sole width by approximately 12% over the standard X-Forged.
  • Larger, more playable head shape -In addition to the wider profilee sole the top blade sees an increase in width of around 16% and 13% increase to the heel height. Visually this inspires confidence as the overall head profile is larger than the standard X-Forged.

Our Recommended Player Profile: 
By redesigning a very successful players iron Callaway with this X-Forged Start has manage to create a bladed iron playable by a wide variety of players. It is best suited for  the mid-to-low handicap player, however a good ball striker that finds himself a higher handicap due to short game could also play with these due to larger head profile.

Set Make Up:
#5 Iron - PW (6 Clubs)

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