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Yamaha RMX VD Men's Hybrid

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What Yamaha Say: 
Introducing Yamaha RMX VD Utility. Like an iron, the center of gravity design and shape for "spinning". Aim at the green at will while maintaining forgiveness and distance performance. Pursue the center of gravity design and attack with pinpoint. It catches the green directly and realizes high spin performance that stops perfectly. It also has a shape design that makes it easy to hold it toward the target, just like an iron.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increased Shaft Diameter - Incresed from 8.5 mm (RMX 220) to 9.5 mm (RMX VD) the increase width adds dramtic stability on off center hits while aiding in the revamped look Yamaha have gone with in the updated RMX Series.
  • Iron-Like Utility - Designed from the ground up the all new RMX VD has seen a new approach to the CG placement aiding the golfer to "spin & stop" the ball instead of the previous "lift for flight" designs.
  • Improved CG - The overhaul in shape has led to a new CG location deeper and lower than previously possoble from Yamaha, this allows higher launching, higher spinning and a more "iron-like" feeling while swinging the club.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The RMX VD has been completely redesigned from the ground up, utilizing some of the best materials available. This has led to a dramatic improvement in distance, accuracy and launch height over its predecessors. This Club is best suited for the mid-to-high handicap player due to its high launch and extremely high MOI properties.

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