Yamaha Inpres UD+2 2019 Men's Hybrid (TMX-419U)

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What Yamaha Say:New technology added to the fabled +2 club flight distance! Consistently pleasing sound, easy to swing, easy to hit square, straight flight with an exhilarating sound of impact. Everyone needs to experience this ultra distance.

Features & Benefits:

Maraging Cupped Face - The Utilitys incorporate the Maraging Cupped Face with uneven thickness for high repulsion which generates speed even on off-centre hits.

NEW Head Turn Energy Design - Now, a normal swing produces a higher clubhead revolution velocity at the centre of the face, which increases the kick velocity.

NEW Shaft Tip Weight Technology - An original, lightweight shaft with Tip Weight Technology mounting which suppresses the deflection by the effect of weight and suppresses energy loss at impact

Yamaha’s Distinct Pleasing Sound Design - The exhilarating impact sound is the result of collaborative research with Yamaha’s Research and Development Department, which is involved with developing the sound of musical instruments.

Our Recommended Player Profile: Perfectly suited for the slower swing speed player that struggles with a fade or slice. The design generates high levels of ball speed for distance while the internal weighting makes it easy to get up in the air.

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