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TaylorMade SIM Max Men's Hybrid (Tensei Blue 60)

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What TaylorMade Say: We added V Steel™ to a Rescue™ for the first time in TaylorMade history, giving you improved turf interaction and better performance from difficult lies.

Features & Benefits:

  • V Steel™ Sole – The return of one of the most Iconic technologies in golf! The SIM Max Rescue is the first hybrid from TaylorMade to sport this technology, it has improved on the previous M6 dramatically, featuring higher launch, more speed and distances.
  • Twist Face® - By altering the high-toe and low-heel bulge and roll properties (Most Common Miss Hit areas), TaylorMade’s engineers have managed to vastly improve accuracy from miss hit shots.
  • C300 Ultra-Strong Steel Face –  C300 allows engineers to make the face extremely thin and responsive, this will result in better ball speeds for enhanced distances.
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™  - Allows the sole to flex during impact, this is especially effective on shots lower on the face, it helps the ball to launch easier while retaining more ball speeds for better distance.

Our Recommended Player: The SIM Max Rescue compliments the metal-woods in this series extremely well, being less “draw” enhancing than its predecessor and easier to get up ion the air! It can be utilized by any player out there, it even got the Attention of Rory Mcilroy whom traditionally never put a hybrid into play.

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