Honma T//World GS Men's Hybrid

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What Honma Say:
A draw-biased design allows golfers to reach carry distances with unparalleled precision.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flip Slot - Built with Flip Slot technology to maximize face flexure and reduce spin for more speed and additional forgiveness.
  • Draw Biased Design - Internal weight positioned towards the heel to create dynamic closure for increased side-spin and enhanced draw-bias.
  • Purposeful Alignment - Integrated heel-bias crown graphic is applied to encourage golfers to return the club face to square at impact.
  • Speedtuned Graphite - Designed in Sakata, Japan, high-performing graphite shafts are built with a mid-kick point, enhancing the golfer's feel of the location of the club head throughout the swing.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
Designed with maximum distance and forgiveness in mind the T//World GS is a super lightweight driver aimed at the mid-to-high handicap player looking for and easy launching club head offering solid all round forgiveness.

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