Honma T//World 757 Men's Hybrid

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What Honma Say: 
Introducing Honma Tour World TW757 Utility. Pursuing functions to satisfy both tour pros and averages. A premium performance brand that realizes HONMA's unique head and shaft integrated design.

Features & Benefits:

  • Head structure that produces a high initial velocity - Achieves high initial velocity performance due to the effect of the sole slit and cup face (18°). Center of gravity design that is easier to handle than the TR series.
  • Center of gravity design by count - The weight of the weighted body is designed according to the count, and the launch angle is increased by lowering the center of gravity.
  • New Vertical Slit Face - The most efficient vertical groove-shaped uneven thickness face that is particularly effective for vertical shake of the hitting point. Since high repulsive force is realized over a wide range of the face, the initial velocity does not drop even if the hitting point is blurred.
  • Adoption of uneven thickness lightweight crown - By making the crown uneven, the weight is reduced and the bending effect is improved.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
With its traditional pear shaped head and sightly deeper face profile the TW757 hybrids tend to launch and spin a little lower than most, generating a piercing flight in the process. Due to its unique launch properties its best suited for slightly higher club head speeds, ensuring there is enough velocity to keep the ball up in the air.

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